lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

PAGINAS HABLADAS: DomainTools Blog HABLADAS: DomainTools Blog: DomainTools Blog : "- Enviado mediante la barra Google"

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  1. Aùn no es el el momento para las Paginashabladas de WLW !!!

    1. STOP THE WORLD WAR that you will begin ONLY FOR THE OLIUM RESERVS THE SAME AS IN "MALVINAS" SO PLEASE STOP THIS !!! By the momen`t humans only have this Globe to live !!!...You won`t win a war with the ISLAMIC WORLD so STOP THIS and let`s begin love for humans ! ! !...The USed world is coming down and you know that but don`t begin a war that you can`t win and could destroy the entire world !!!...Excuse My bad english and have a nice day ! ! !